5 Amazing Benefits of a CCTV Drain Survey


There is no headache like the inconvenience of a non-functioning drain or toilet in your home or business. Most of the time, store-bought drain cleaners and plungers can only provide a temporary solution to blockage problems. Thankfully, leading professionals in the industry of drain unblocking in Clapham can perform CCTV drain surveys that will solve all of those problems.

In this blog, we’re going to delve deeper into how this type of drain survey works – and the benefits, beyond identifying the issue, it can provide.

How a CCTV Drainage Survey Works

Getting a CCTV drain survey in Bromley, works a lot like an endoscopy, except it is undertaken by accessing a local manhole, rodding eye, or rodding cap. A camera is passed throughout the pipe system to provide live imagery of the interior workings. The size of the CCTV system depends on the size of the drain or sewer, as with the necessary lighting needed to attain clear and sharp images.

As the camera moves through the drainage system (by either manual or mechanical means), it will record the overall distance travelled into metres, obtaining the footage as it goes. If any defects are found, the camera is able to capture still images to give a reading of its precise location within the drain – this allows for any remedial and repair works to be pinpointed, quickly and easily.

Benefits of Hiring a CCTV Drainage Survey: 

Fast Analysis

When there is a problem with your drainage, you’ll want it fixed as soon as possible. A CCTV drain survey will speed up the process considerably because it allows your professional plumber to actually see the cause of the problem quickly.

Precise Diagnosis

Being able to see the problem straight away leads to a fast and accurate diagnosis of the drainage problem, rather than making assumptions based on limited evidence. For example, if a tree root is blocking the drain, a chemical cleaner will not be able to solve the problem, and a drainage expert will know this from the CCTV footage. 

Cost Effective

Prolonged services cost more money, but when the problem can be addressed quickly like it is through CCTV surveys, you will be provided with much better value for money.

Minor Disruption

A CCTV drain survey also eliminates the need for large-scale excavations to find the problem and this is preferable for any home or business owner.

Perfect for New Property Owners

Buying a new property? You want to make sure that your decision to purchase the property is based on sound information, therefore, it is in your best interest to have the drainage systems analysed before making the purchase. A CCTV drain survey is great to carry out as part of an extensive assessment of the property. It will also cut down costs during the expensive process of buying a home.

Who to call for superior CCTV Drain Surveys and Emergency Drainage Situations?

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