Drain descaling

We at Kassia Drains are experts in drainage systems and only have the most skilled and knowledgable engineers on board our company.

Drain descaling

We at Kassia Drains are experts in drainage systems and only have the most skilled and knowledgable engineers on board our company. We specialise in drain pipe descaling using a high pressure water jetting technique.

Our advanced hydro-jetting equipment with rotating chain flair, is capable of cutting away hard scale deposit from the drains, providing thorough cleaning of the pipes. This removes scale without the need to dig around the pipes, bringing you a cost-effective alternative to traditional drainage descaling situations.


Why is drain descaling is important?

Over looking small blockages, stains and corrosion may lead to major drain repairs. Drain descaling also improves the lifespan of you drain because regular maintenance can remove food particles and debris that are trapped in drains. Ignoring your pipes can lead to costing you larger amounts of money in the long run and causing unnecessary inconvenience.

Do you live in a hard water area?

For many years London, Kent, Essex and surrounding areas have experienced restricted flow in drainage systems due to hard water scaling, which eventually builds up, restricting the water flow in the pipes. Heavy scale can cause corrosion in your drains.

A few common signs of limescale include:

All these signs usually indicate to living in a hard water area. This is why at Kassia Drains we would highly recommend that you incorporate drain and descaling into your drainage maintenance programme.

Why choose Kassia Drains?

Why choose Kassia Drains?

At Kassia Drains we always aim to deliver the best price, we usually have fixed prices which are cost effective and as we are not VAT registered so there is no extra cost after a price has been agreed!

Help and advise always At The End Of The Phone

With our skilled and trained team members in a uk based office we are always on hand to help our clients to the best of our ability. Don’t know where to start? No idea about drains don’t worry call us for a friendly chat and we can advised the best course of action to your pain in you drain problem!

1 Month Guaranteed

Any plumbing work carried out by our engineers have a 1 month guarantee when clearing a blocked toilet or sink

Fully Covered And Insured

We at Kassia Drains have full liability insurance and covered for 5 million, so everything is above board

No Job Is To Big Or To Small

From unblocking your home toilet to a more in-depth problem we cover it all from home, commercial or workplace.

Our Engineers

At Kassia Drains our team of engineers have been hand picked and have an array of skills, years of experience, friendly, polite and professional at all times.

Checkatrade Approved

We are proud to be recognised and a approved member of checkatrade. We kindly always request all our clients to leave us feedback and reviews of our work carried out.

Our office operates 24 hours a day and can have a engineer out to you within one-hour day or night. Our aims are to provide a service that ensures the job is done professionally and sufficiently from start to finish.

Engineers you can trust

Free registration
No hidden fees

At Kassia Drains we pride ourselves on our reputation and team. Our expert engineers are friendly, polite and professional at all times.

No obligation quotes

Rest assure Our Highly skilled engineers will always arrive to your property or workplace with our Kassia Drains Branding and professional sign written vans. Giving our clients peace and reassurance of a safe company

Large coverage office in South East locations

Our Plumbers and engineers will always aim to arrive quick to any emergency call outs and will always service any problems with a smile. Our team have been had picked and trained to meet our clients satisfaction.

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