Drain Repairs

A drain can become cracked and incur minor damages causing splits or cracks unstable joints or tree root damage.


A drain can become cracked and incur minor damages causing splits or cracks unstable joints or tree root damage. At Kassia Drains we have the tools, the team and the knowledge in drain repair services and we are experts in this field of work.

Why choose our drain repair service

We often get asked from our clients ''what are the signs of broken drains''?

Here we have devised a few clues of a broken drain

Sometimes more severe problems can occur such as ground movement, major root ingress or structural damage to the pipework. Our team of experts at Kassia Drains have an extensive range of drain repair methods.

We would use and conduct a in-depth cctv drain survey to correctly choose the most suitable method needed for this type of problem.

Kassia Drains

Drain lining - uses the no-dig technology installing a lining which bonds to the inside of the faulty drain (This causes a pipe within a pipe)

Drain Patches – Similar to drain lining but with a path repair where the whole length of the pipe doesn’t need lining. (This is a cheaper and sufficient option)

Drain Excavation
Drain excavation is usually the very last resort. However sometimes this is really the only way to tackle the drain repair and solve the problem

Why do Drains need repairing?

Often the main reason why drains might need repairing is due to old pipework. Pipes that have not been treated or changed over long periods of time are acceptable to corrosion and can deteriorate over the years.

Can my drain repairs be covered by my house insurance?

In simple text the answer is yes! Your insurance policy provides financial compensation for any cost incurred by you due to an insurance peril. If you are the property owner then legally you can appoint any approved contractor not the insurance company’s choice as we are always led to believe.

Our team at Kassia Drains can always speak on behalf of yourself to the insurance company and give you all the advice and help you need aswell as keeping our price quotes lower then those of an insurance company contractor.
Problems with drains off the boundary of your property is up to your local water authority to clear. This includes a collapsed or broken drain that is shared by your neighbours. It the water company full responsibility to repair even if the drain is on your property. This is important as its free of charge and will save you money. What type of drain repairs do we offer?


A drain repair cost can vary and will depend on what work needs to be carried out but you can rest assure that Kassia Drains is one of the most- cost effective drainage companies in the south east.

Sometimes its not always a quick drain unblockage as we would hope but undergoing drain pipe repair is sometimes a necessity.

It may be tempting to ignore the problem or put off drain repairs but neglecting your pipes can often lead to further drain damages and becoming costly.

With the right care and wealth of knowledge and experience from our top Kassia enginers and team we can deliver high quality advice and drain repair services throughout London, Kent and Essex.


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