Drain tracing

Everybody knows that a blocked drain can cause a great deal of trouble. At Kassia drains we are frequently able...

Drain tracing

Everybody knows that a blocked drain can cause a great deal of trouble. At Kassia drains we are frequently able to respond quickly to a blockage before disruption becomes economically significant. Our skilled and accredited Kassia engineers can perform the necessary work efficiently and take appropriate action fast! This is possible because we use the best tools available and the most cost – effective method. Sonde drain tracing will enable us to locate and pin point the exact location and depth. This is unable to detect using just our CCTV drain survey although this method is still such a great tool requiring a lot of information about your drainage system (drain condition, invert levels, type of pipe, pipesize etc) but it will not pinpoint the exact location unlike our sonde drain tracing equipment.


What is Sonde drain tracing?

Electrical pulses are transmitted by specialist equipment which allows us to discover what is really unfolding underground. Various features of drain networks can be identified by this genius method including the likes of concealed manholes and collapsed pipes.

Reasons why you might need a Sonde Drain Tracing services?

Building an extension – If your property is close or near to a sewer, drain tracing will be required to detect the drains for your build over agreement.

Buried Manholes – A CCTV may inform you there is a buried manhole, however with drain tracing device we are able to track the exact location of the manhole.

Drain Excavation – Excavating is labor intense and not cheap however drain tracing takes the guess work of exactly where
you dig.

We cover CCTV drain surveys for

Do I need drain tracing for a build over agreement?

If you’re thinking about improving your home by adding either an extension, conservatory, garage or an annexe you will firstly need to find out if there is any potential drainage on your land and if so where its located.

Any buildings planned within 3 meters of a public sewer or within one meter of a pubic lateral drain will need approval from your local authority before work commences.

Your water authority will be able to provide a map of all local sewers although this might not be accurate or updated, so it’s down to you to find out and show the exact location of your drains.

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