Gutter cleaning

Kassia Drains offer cleaning and repairs throughout Kent, London & Essex manually cleaning out your gutters of any built up debris.

Gutter cleaning

Kassia Drains offer cleaning and repairs throughout Kent, London & Essex manually cleaning out your gutters of any built up debris. We also unblock your down pipes, hopper pipe and offset bends as required.

Regular gutter cleaning and repair is important for ensuring that your rain water gutters are doing them job - protecting your home from water ingress and damp. Gutters are your homes best defence against the destructive force of water. Not only do they protect your doors, ceilings, walls and foundations from water damage but also protect against soil erosion, water ingress and damp.


Signs Your Gutters Need Cleaning?

Animals and pests are present: If critters or bugs are crawling around your gutters, there is a high chance that you have clogged gutter. Many animals, including birds, possums, mice, squirrels and even snakes (yes snakes!!), use the debris in clogged gutters to make a nest.

Water is overflowing: If water is spilling over the sides, it is highly likely that your gutters are clogged. Water flowing over the edges of your gutters can lead to costly water damages, such as the flooding of your basement.

Your gutters are sagging: The debris in your gutters can be heavy, especially when the debris contains shingle grit and pine needles. This can cause your gutters to bend and sag, making them unable to carry water away from your home. If gutters go a very long time without being cleaned, the weight of the debris will being to affect the guttering itself. They may even begin to pull away from your house which could lead to huge costly and stressful problems.

You’re siding has stain marks: If you notice that your siding has been stained, this may mean that there is standing water in your gutters. Stagnant rainwater may end up damaging the fascia boards on the shingles of your roof and behind the gutters.

Plants are growing: If you notice a garden beginning to grow in your gutters, this is a tell-tale sign of clogged gutters. Seeds and dirt can both easily make their way into the gutters. If you have foam gutter guards installed, this will encourage plants to grow in your gutters.

You haven’t cleaned them in a very long time: If it’s been ages since you last removed debris from your gutter, chances are they’re in need of a thorough cleaning. Aim to clean your gutter system each season so that you protect your home against costly water damages

What can happen if I choose to neglect my gutters?

Clogged gutter can damage much more than themselves. If water is not allowed to flow away from your house. It can cause some serious damage to your home and leave a big whole in your pocket!

Clogged gutters often can lead to damage to the
following areas:

The foundation: Gutters serve to keep water off the roof and away from the foundation. If a gutter is clogged, the water in it will overflow and accumulate around the foundation. It can eventually cause cracks to form in the foundation, which could cause it to collapse. Even if the foundation doesn’t collapse it can lead to mould growing causing further problems.

The Fascia board: Fascia boards hold the gutter system and are typically made of wood. Overflowing gutters will cause these boards to rot and deteriorate. Rainwater may also flow down the sides of a home, so it could cause further damage also.

The landscape: Clogged gutters often cause water to land on flower beds, bushes, driveways and outdoor furniture surrounding the home.

At Kassia drains we have the right tools, the right equipment and expert engineers on board to clean even those hard to reach areas. Please give us a call for more advice with our experienced team. We always aim to deliver a first class service without the price tag, keep our prices at a fixed quote with no extra charges.


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